Insurance Education & Career Summit   
Summary Report


The Board of Trustees of the Griffith Insurance Education Foundation has identified the talent gap as an area of primary concern for our industry and is proposing a persistent, unified industry approach to addressing the shortage. The first step was the Insurance Education and Career Summit, held in Atlanta, Georgia, September 26-28th.

Designed as an open symposium for a variety of industry participants, the summit focused on two primary goals:
  • Identifying the primary barriers to attracting talent
  • Brainstorming practical, creative solutions to attract the potential insurance leaders of tomorrow

Not only do we believe such an approach will create real industry change, but we’ve seen proof that concerted industry efforts do indeed work. In fact, a similar effort by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants led to a 30 percent increase in the number of accounting majors over five years and an 83 percent increase in the number of direct-from-school new hires made by CPA firms. The insurance industry has the potential to achieve equally impressive results.