National Standards for Personal Finance Education Specific to Risk Management & Insurance

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About the Standards

As schools strive to meet an ever-evolving list of topics required to keep students competitive for the 21st century, the importance of risk management and insurance education is evident because of the direct impact they exert on both individual lives and society as a whole.  Healthcare, financial stability, liability, and other subjects related to risk and insurance are constant topics of interest throughout government, business and the news.  As students mature, their grasp of these important issues must be supported and encouraged.

In addition, students face increasing job competition and also express intensified interest in identifying careers which may better match personal goals, talents, and interests.  As opportunities within the insurance industry continue to expand, greater awareness of possible career paths is of particular benefit to students.

The guidelines addressed in this publication have been created to improve appropriate grade-level understanding of risk management and insurance.  The content and performance expectations by category grow in complexity as the students’ ability to understand and apply learning increases.  Topics are specifically created and organized into sections for students in grades 4, 8 and 12.

Upon completion of the coursework, students should be able to effectively identify various risks, understand the importance of adequate insurance protection, and grasp the impact insurance and risk management choices have on daily life and financial security.  Students should also have a better understanding of the expansive career opportunities available in the insurance industry and how they may sustain lifelong job-satisfaction.

The Griffith Insurance Education Foundation’s status as a non-profit organization, with no other agenda or business conflicts, makes it uniquely poised to suggest appropriate standards and content relating to risk management and insurance education for young people.  This publication was developed with the express intent of providing schools a resource for age-appropriate education and it is our hope that the material contained within will enhance each students’ awareness and understanding of the expansive, and interesting, insurance industry