The Griffith Foundation is a trusted partner for credible and unbiased information, aimed at providing the tools that can inform your decisions, when helping to shape good public policy. Programming at The Griffith Foundation is designed to serve policymakers and their staff through unbiased, nonpartisan seminars on insurance essentials and emerging risk management issues.

The Griffith Foundation offers:

  • Legislator or Legislative Assistant education programs
  • Seminars
  • Webinars
  • Online Courses

Our resources are always current. We are continually refining our approach to reflect the changes in how lawmakers like you obtain information, allowing you to learn on your own schedule.

We’re deeply committed to objectivity. All of our education programs are strictly instructional and do no support a position on any issue.

We provide an overview of insurance principles tailored for policymakers and their staff. Each program offers critical insights to improve your knowledge of insurance and risk management.

All programs are presented by leading academic experts in risk management and insurance.