A Complete Online Course on Risk Management and Insurance

Loaded with great information, supplemental materials and even video clips,  “Curriculum Online” allows you to educate your students about insurance and risk management in a manner that is fun, engaging and relevant to their everyday lives. “Curriculum Online” provides teachers with a classroom-ready product that allows them more information to share with their students and less time to have to spend preparing the lesson plans and gathering the material.

30, 60, and 120 Minute Modules to Fit Your Classroom Schedule

Because educators have a limited amount of time to teach insurance in the classroom and often must incorporate that material into other subjects, we have created 30, 60, and 120 minute programs on each segment of the insurance industry so you can choose a lesson that best fits into your classroom schedule.

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Automobile Insurance

Students will understand that accidents happen more than most people think and that they are very expensive when they do happen. These lessons also cover what automobile insurance is, how insurance companies classify risk, what determines premium amounts, and finally what the students can do to reduce risks.

Lesson plans on Automobile Insurance…


Homeowners and Renters Insurance

This lesson introduces students to the concept of homeowners insurance. The question of what a basic homeowners and renters insurance policy is made up of. Students will also recognize factors that can enable them to reduce the risk of owning/renting a home.

Lesson Plans on Homeowners Insurance and Renters Insurance…


Life Insurance

Students understand the concept that there is only one guarantee in life, death. Students will be able to determine how individuals use life insurance and how surviving members use the death benefit. How insurers determine risk is also covered.

Lesson Plans on Life Insurance…


Health Insurance

This lesson shows students the importance of having health insurance and how not having it can be dangerous to their future. The two basic health insurance plans, group and individual, are explored in detail.

Lesson Plans on Health Insurance…


Careers in Insurance

Basic statistics of the industry are provided to enhance the teaching material. Students will be able to identify basic career opportunities as well and the types of industry organizations. Students will also evaluate advantages to a career in the insurance industry.

Lesson Plans on Careers in Insurance…