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The Griffith Insurance Education Foundation was founded at The Ohio State University in 1947. The original organization was the “Charles W. Griffith Memorial Foundation for Insurance Education” in memory of Mr. Griffith, an insurance underwriter who was killed in World War II. Initially, the Foundation’s primary purpose was to support the insurance and risk management program at Ohio State, which included funding for the insurance library, student scholarships, and research funding.

In 1960, The Griffith Foundation incorporated as a nonprofit corporation classified as a 501(c)(3) by the Internal Revenue Service.


Founded the Insurance Hall of Fame

The Griffith Foundation has been instrumental in the development and formation of several organizations and programs that have branched out from the Foundation. The Insurance Hall of Fame, for example, was founded by the Foundation and has gained international prominence. It is now sponsored by the International Insurance Society, Inc.



Formed Gamma Iota Sigma, a national scholastic fraternity

Gamma Iota Sigma, a national scholastic fraternity,  was incorporated in 1965 by the Foundation. It is the largest student professional insurance society in the U.S. with chapters at 49 colleges and universities.



Organized the Society of Insurance Research

In 1970, the Society for Insurance Research was organized under the leadership of the Foundation. The Society continues to provide a forum for the active exchange of ideas in all areas of insurance research.



Developed the Study Courses for State Insurance Financial Examiners

In the 1980s the Foundation, at the request of insurance regulators, developed study courses for state insurance department financial examiners. Those courses are now administered by the Society of Financial Examiners.


Insurance Education Foundation Created

In 1986, insurance industry leaders from the National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies wanted to create a better understanding of the insurance industry. They believed that their focus should be on educational efforts for young people. To reach young people, they decided to work directly with teachers by offering them education and resources on insurance. They formed the Insurance Education Foundation, which later became known as the Insurance Education Institute, as a 501 (c)(3) educational corporation and developed curriculum and teacher graduate courses for K-12 teachers.


Griffith Foundation expands mission to include public policymakers

In 1993, the National Conference of Insurance Legislators recognized a need to educate state legislators who serve on insurance committees. They approached the Griffith Foundation with its roots in education and academia. A partnership was formalized and the Foundation continues to provide educational programs for not only state legislators, but now federal legislators.


Insurance Education Institute expands to educate students about careers

The insurance industry realized that in order to remain competitive in the workforce, they needed a sustained, industry-wide effort to educate and encourage young people to consider a career in the risk management and insurance industry. In 2006, the Insurance Education Institute changed its mission to include this role and continues to pursue it today.


The Griffith Foundation and the Insurance Education Institute Merge

In 2008, leaders from the Griffith Foundation for Insurance Education and the Insurance Education Institute decided to merge the two organizations to create the Griffith Insurance Education Foundation.


The Griffith Foundation is Formally Affiliated with The Institutes

In 2012, The Institutes’ Board of Trustees and The Griffith Foundation’s Board of Trustees unanimously approved the initiation of an affiliation based on the complementary nature of the strategic initiatives of both organizations.

About The Institutes

The Institutes are the leader in delivering proven knowledge solutions that drive powerful business results for the risk management and property casualty industry. The Institutes’ knowledge solutions include the CPCU designation program; associate designation programs in areas such as claims, risk management, underwriting, and reinsurance; introductory and foundation programs; online courses; research; custom solutions; assessment tools; and continuing education (CE) courses for licensed insurance professionals and adjusters through their CEU.com business unit.