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The Griffith Foundation has been providing education programs on the basic principles of risk management and insurance for state legislators since 1993. At the request of state legislative leadership, the Foundation created and continues to conduct seminars for chairs of state legislative committees charged with addressing insurance issues.



Insurance Fundamentals for Policymakers – “101”

November 19, 2014

11:00 AM – 4:00 PM
San Francisco, California


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For additional information, including the schedule of events, please click 2014 – Insurance 101 Schedule of Events.


The Griffith Foundation ‘Insurance Fundamentals for Policymakers – “101”‘ seminar is being held the day before the summer meeting of the National Conference of Insurance Legislators (NCOIL) commences—in order to allow you to take advantage of both forums and save on transportation and other travel expenses.   The seminar is a required course for the NCOIL Institute for Insurance Policy certification program and will lay important groundwork for advanced insight into insurance issues at the NCOIL Annual Meeting.  A separate registration and fee is required for the NCOIL meeting and can be accessed here:  www.ncoil.org

Contingent on attendance at all seminar events on November 19, legislator expenses, including the costs of one night lodging in the NCOIL room block, up to $500 in eligible transportation expenses and onsite meals are underwritten by The Griffith Insurance Education Foundation, a nonpartisan, 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational organization.  Valid receipts for coach airfare, rental car and/or airport shuttles will be required to apply for reimbursement.

QUESTIONS? Contact us at info@griffithfoundation.org or 855-288-7743


ohio-statehouseConducted by prominent professors of risk management and insurance

The curriculum for this program, developed by prominent professors of risk management and insurance, is specifically for state legislators serving on committees that deal with risk and insurance issues. The program was designed to promote a better understanding of the fundamentals of risk management and how the insurance mechanism works.

Focuses on the durable concepts of risk management and the principles of insurance

These seminars are unique because they focus not on legislative issues that change over time, but on durable concepts of risk management; the transfer of risk, risk pooling, risk classification, adverse selection, moral hazard, frequency and severity, and the underwriting of risks. They introduce the legislators to the basic principles of insurance; the business of insurance, reinsurance, surplus lines, insurance regulation, the role of loss prevention and mitigation, and how the insurance mechanism works.