Introduction and History of Insurance


The lesson plan “Introduction and History of Insurance” is a short plan that helps introduce the topic of insurance. The lesson plan will allow a class to provide a service by donating items and relating it to the insurance concept of pooling. The lesson plan would be good to use after a natural disaster has occurred to provide items to victims while using the topic as a teachable moment. The resource will also take students through the history of insurance.



The students will:

Understand insurance pooling

Define insurance

Recognize important events in the history of insurance


Time Required

One class period



To download the materials, right click and ‘save target as’ (PC) or hold down the option key and click the link (Mac).

Each student will need an item to donate. Examples include canned goods, bottled water, medical supplies, clothing, etc…

Power Point Presentation

Article “Seeds of Hope in Fields of War” (one per student)

Accompanying worksheet to “Seeds of Hope in Fields of War” (one per student)

Article and Worksheet Teachers Key



Download/View the lesson procedures.



Have the students read the article “Seeds of Hope in Fields of War” from Once the students have read the story have them complete the worksheet that corresponds with the article. It may be helpful at this point to go over the story with your students and tie the concept of pooling to insurance.


Suggested Resources for Teachers:

The History of Insurance – Risk Through the Ages

How Benjamin Franklin became the “Father of American Insurance”