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The “One Teacher at a Time” program is an ideal way for insurance companies, agents, brokers, and other industry organizations to become directly engaged with the secondary educators in their communities is through the sponsorship of a teacher to attend an Institute.

Key point…

For every teacher completing an Institute, more than 75 students learn about insurance each and every year the teacher is in the classroom. Your company or organization can help feed this pipeline by encouraging teachers in your local communities to become involved in the financial literacy movement, attend one of the Institutes, and share their knowledge with their students.


Invest in tomorrow’s insurance consumers today!

A modest investment of $2,400 provides a full scholarship for a teacher to attend one of the Foundation’s Insurance Education Institutes. It includes all costs except travel. (However, sponsors can also reimburse travel expenses if they desire.)

Benefits to Teachers:

  • Receive graduate credit toward Masters Degree and/or state licensure requirements.
  • Gain an understanding of insurance and risk management principles.
  • Become proficient at educating tomorrow’s insurance consumers – and your potential employees.
  • Gain access to creative tools – lesson plans, videos, resources, and a fresh network of knowledgeable colleagues.

Benefits to the Industry:

  • Create a pool of educated insurance consumers.
  • Establish criteria for qualified teachers and professional standards.
  • Improve the image of your company in your community.
  • Shape attitudes of teachers and students.
  • Create community goodwill.


Getting Started:

Check with your local high schools for the secondary education teachers addressing insurance/financial literacy. (Disciplines include: Math, Economics, Family and Consumer Sciences, Drivers’ Education, Business, Social Science, and Consumer Education.)

You can identify, recruit and sponsor a teacher yourself or asks the Foundation to find a match. The teacher applies to and attends the Institute of his or her choice.

Once the teacher is accepted the company sends scholarship check to the Foundation.

Following the teacher’s completion of the program the company hosts the sponsored-teacher at the company’s office, recognizes the teacher’s successful completion and learns how the Institute was of benefit.

The teacher’s dedication is publicly recognized with a presentation in front of a student assembly, PTA/PTO meeting, or school board meeting.  Press releases on the teacher’s completion of the program are sent to local media.


For more information on the “One Teacher at a Time” program contact the Griffith Foundation at (855) 288-7743 or info@griffithfoundation.org