Announcing 2014 Grant Opportunity

The Robert P. Ashlock Risk Management and Insurance Development Program



Further the development of post-secondary risk management and insurance education, including community colleges, by providing funds to develop new or expand existing academic programs.

With the generous contributions from the Robert P. Ashlock Memorial Fund established by Assurex Global, the Griffith Insurance Education Foundation is able to offer this program.



The following criteria will be employed in selecting grant recipients. Please note that priority will be given to the development of new risk management and insurance programs.

Program Vision:

  • How will the availability of funds assist in the overall development of the risk management and insurance program at your institution?
  • How will the funds fit within the overall program vision for improving opportunities available to teach risk management and insurance at your institution?
  • If you already have a risk management and insurance program, what are the current courses and what are current enrollment numbers?
  • If this is a new program, please explain why funding is needed and how you anticipate using the funding.
  • Discuss how your institution views the development or expansion of your program.

University Resources:

  • Will University resources likely be available in the future to continue the expansion of the program?
  • We would like to see this opportunity as the start of a long-term commitment on the part of your institution to develop and strengthen your program. If your proposal is funded, will that release additional university funds to support the growth?

Outside Resources:

  • Have you secured, or plan to secure additional funding from businesses or insurance professionals to support the development or expansion of the program. Please provide background on how you anticipate private funding enhancing growth of the program.

Financial Assistance:

  • Describe the level of financial assistance that you are requesting. Typical grants will not exceed $8,000.

Other Information:

  • Please provide other relevant information about your plans.



Proposals are due by May 1st. If funding allows, awards and notifications will be made within two months after the deadline.

Please submit proposals electronically (preferred) to


The Griffith Insurance Education Foundation

Attn: Maureen Gillespie

720 Providence Rd, Suite 100

Malvern, PA 19355



Contact Jason Terrell

(855) 288-7743


About Robert P. Ashlock;

Robert P. Ashlock was a creative innovator, a lifelong learner, and a pragmatic problem solver. He enjoyed the challenge of understanding how things worked and how to make them work more effectively. He was an unusual combination of a student of the business, a practitioner of the business, and a teacher of the business.


Please note that the Griffith Foundation does not provide for overhead or administrative costs for approved grants